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Can’t get enough of bread but worried about overloading on carbs and sugar? Seriously Keto’s yummy range of guilt-free keto bread in Indonesia may just be the answer to your diet woes. Lovingly handcrafted with natural, wholesome ingredients like almond flour and psyllium husk, our keto bread is the perfect low-carb, sugar-free diet staple. 

Guilt-Free Low-Carb Keto Bread for Any Time of the Day

At Seriously Keto, we pride ourselves in offering tasty, versatile keto bread that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. For example, our plain loaves can be enjoyed on their own or with our tasty keto-friendly spreads for a delicious, sweet snack. Craving a savoury treat instead? Simply garnish with some cheese and deli ham for a tasty, low-carb sandwich. The possibilities are endless! 

If you are looking for flavoured keto bread, our selection will not disappoint. Featuring exciting flavours like banana, garlic and cheese, our flavoured keto bread can be enjoyed at any time of the day as a quick pick-me-up – minus the guilt! 

On top of being low-carb, our keto bread in Indonesia is also sugar-free. At this point, you might be wondering: how is that possible? Well, our secret to keeping our products sugar-free is this: instead of artificial sweeteners and sugars, we use Erythritol, an all-natural sugar alternative that contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavours. Since Erythritol cannot be broken down by the body, it has absolutely no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels – this means that our keto bread can be enjoyed by diabetics, too.