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Have you ever wished that you could have all the cookies you want without having to restrict yourself? Well, with keto cookies, you can! At Seriously Keto in Indonesia, we offer a mouthwatering selection of keto cookies in decadent flavours that you can indulge in freely, guilt-free. Apart from being keto-friendly, our biscuits contain no added sugars, making them diabetic-friendly as well. The best part? Our keto cookies are for everyone – whether you’re currently on a ketogenic diet or just looking around for a guilt-free snack.

Shop Our Diabetic-Friendly Keto Cookies in Indonesia

At Seriously Keto, we pride ourselves in crafting keto-friendly creations without compromising on taste. Our keto cookies are made from nutritious, natural ingredients like free-range omega-3 eggs, 90% dark chocolate, Himalayan pink salt and psyllium husk. To ensure that our keto biscuits are low-carb and gluten-free, we use almond flour and coconut flour instead of wheat flour.

On top of being keto-compliant, we also keep our cookies sugar-free. What exactly does that mean? Instead of artificial sweeteners, we use Erythritol, a sugar substitute derived from natural sources that contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavours. Since Erythritol cannot be broken down by the body, it does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels, making it diabetic-safe as well.