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Introducing: the all-in-one-ketobun

Bread is ubiquitous, but not when you are on a ketogenic diet.

For Seriously Keto’s founder, Janti Brasali, embarking on a keto diet should not deprive anyone of the joy of delicious food. Janti, who jumped on board the keto bandwagon in early 2016, has remained steadfast in her keto journey, believing that the keto lifestyle is sustainable, healthy and simple. Upon realising the dearth of keto-friendly substitutes for food rich in carbs and sugar, like bread, Janti, who is both a skilled chef and passionate baker, decided to make her own.

The All-In-One KetoBun is one such creation.

Whether you are diabetic, on a low-carb diet, or just looking to start your keto journey, Seriously Keto’s All-In-One KetoBun is for you.

Passionately baked with fresh ingredients, such as almond flour and psyllium husk, and no preservatives, the All-In-One KetoBun has no gluten, zero added sugars, and is low in carbs. Pillowy-soft on the outside, irresistibly fluffy on the inside, this nutrient-dense, egg white-only bun is bound to be your new kitchen staple.

It's good on its own, a filling snack to take out with you on a busy day, and versatile enough to be used for French toasts, sandwiches, or even as buns for burgers.


Janti is the founder of Seriously Keto and the queen of our Anti-sugar Sugar Club! She is a home chef and baker who enjoys spending her time curating tasteful meals for her family. She spent much of her life dealing with an internal struggle between being able to enjoy her creations and complying with the restrictions of whatever diet she was on at the time. This is what led her down the path to establishing Seriously Keto, a lifestyle brand that doesn’t make you choose between enjoying food and enjoying life, as she believes one cannot exist without the other.

Seriously Keto enables a balanced lifestyle by providing a range of sugar-free products that are both delicious and a healthier option. Taste for yourself this amazing lifestyle that allows you to achieve both happiness and health – by eliminating sugar from your life.

Seriously Keto is turning ONE on 5 September! And since we can’t host a party, we are commemorating our anniversary by a series of four "One On One" conversations on IG Live. Our special guests will be William Wongso, Rayson Tan, Satyaprakash Tiwali, and Dr. Steven Tucker, who will give us their personal and professional insights about their experiences with sugar.

Stay tuned as we post updates on our IG, facebook and our website. See you there!