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Snacks (Bakery)


It’s hard for anyone to resist the occasional cookie. But when you’re on a keto diet can you still afford to have baked goodies and treats? Of course you can! With Seriously Keto’s range of freshly-baked, low-carb sweet treats you can treat yourself to a post-workout snack or enjoy a crumbly, moist cookie for dessert. 

Try our irresistible burnt caramel cookies, with flavours of vanilla and butterscotch. Or for the matcha lovers out there  – try our matcha shortbread cookies, that has notes of sweet nuttiness and earthiness. Or maybe mini madeleines are more your thing. These buttery snacks are baked with a hint of fresh lemon, and are ideal with a hot cup of tea. All our snacks are low in carbs and sugar, making it the right choice for those on a keto-diet or those watching their sugar levels. Explore our range of baked cookies, churros, madeleines, crisps and pretzel sticks now.

Ingredients Used For Seriously Keto Products

Our range of products at Seriously Keto contain no added sugars, are keto compliant, low-carb and gluten-free. You might be wondering, what goes into the making of our cookies and churros? We give you a list of commonly used ingredients at Seriously Keto.

First, instead of wheat flour, we use almond flour. Blanched almonds contain a high level of fat and low levels of sugar and carbs. We also sometimes use coconut flour as a substitute for wheat flour. Coconuts are rich in healthy fat and are low in carbs – making it a great keto-friendly ingredient. To replace sugar, we use the natural sweetener, Erythritol. This does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels, allowing those who have diabetes to enjoy our snacks too.