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Creamy Custard

Satisfying your sweet tooth while staying sugar-free is made easy with this luxurious Creamy Custard dessert. The silky soft texture comes from SK's special custard recipe that is elegantly contrasted with a crunchy brown Swerve flan at the top.
This makes a perfect gift for friends or loved ones who are looking for a keto or diabetic-friendly sweet snack. It is also easy to prepare when hosting guests for a meal, simply pop open the lid and enjoy!
Best served chilled. Pairs well with a nice cuppa freshly steeped organic Earl Grey tea.

Only 3g of net carbs per serving.


Whipping Cream, Eggs, Sweetener (erythritol, prebiotic oligosaccharides, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice concentrate, natural flavouring), Water, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt

Dairy, Eggs

Recommended Storage:
Keep chilled

Shelf Life:
7 days